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The week in Italian startups - Issue #102

The week in Italian startups - Issue #102
By Niccolò Sanarico • Issue #102 • View online
I am Niccolò from Primo Ventures. Welcome back to my digest of the latest news from the Italian startup ecosystem.
In this issue: Sportclubby, Ecozema, KPI6, and others raised funding. More reports on Q1 2022 in Italian startups. New accelerators in Turin.
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The Money
  • Sportclubby, a mobile app to book sports avenues, 🇮🇹raised €1.5m from a syndicate of investors.
  • Ecozema, a sustainable dishware startup, 🇮🇹raised €1.5m from AImpact.
  • KPI6, a consumer insights startup, 🇮🇹raised €2m, according to a joyful Linkedin post by its founder Alberto Nasciuti 😉
  • BeSafe Group, an insuretech startup, raised €1.2m in a round led by Prana Ventures and CDP Venture Capital.
  • Inpoi, a prop-tech startup, 🇮🇹raised €350k from a syndicate of business angels.
The Money - Dept of Italians abroad
  • Amsterdam-based Rita Personal Data (co-founded by Guglielmo Schenardi), a startup offering users the ability to track their data, raised €1m in a pre-seed round led by Pitchdrive VC.
  • Oxford-based Exogene (co-founded by Dr. Federico Paoletti), a startup employing AI to discover cell-based therapies to cure cancer, raised $2m in a round led by Selvedge Venture.
More on Q1 2022 in Italian Startups
If you cannot get enough info about Q1 in Italian startups, I’ve got two more reports from you:
  • The 🇮🇹one prepared (full report following the link) by the Italian Tech Alliance / Growth Capital, and
  • the 🇮🇹one prepared (a brief article) by VeM / Liuc Business School.
Note: in case you wonder, the numbers in the tracker below are a bit off from the official reports for two main reasons:
  1. I don’t make any difference between equity and debt rounds
  2. I record deals by date of publishing in this NL, not by date of the announcement. Sometimes the two differ (e.g. beginning/end of the year)
Turin to become the acceleration capital of Italy
Two more accelerators are launching in the city:
  • TakeOff, a space tech accelerator 🇮🇹created by Cdp Venture Capital, Fondazione Crt, UniCredit, Plug and Play Tech Center, Ogr Torino. The program is funded with more than €21m.
  • DIANA, a €1Bn, NATO-sponsored innovation program, will 🇮🇹base one of its accelerators in Turin.
Reading this week
  • Alberto Dalmasso, Satispay CEO, on the 🇮🇹challenges of scaling a business out of Italy.😤
  • How DALL-E 2 works.🤓
  • A survey on what investors consider good and great growth metrics when evaluating startups.🤠
Fundraising tracker
Every week, I am posting a fundraising tracker for Italian startups, based on the news I publish.
Ending Notes
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