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The week in Italian startups - Issue #90

The week in Italian startups - Issue #90
By Niccolò Sanarico • Issue #90 • View online
I am Niccolò from Primo Ventures. Welcome back to my digest of the latest news from the Italian startup ecosystem.
In this issue: OlivYou, Celery, Coverzen, Bike-room, and other startups raise funding. Acquisitions for Young Platform and Ecosfera Servizi SpA. Innovation made in Italy. A boom in “.it” domain registrations. The Acceptable to Italians index.
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The Money
  • OlivYou, an e-commerce startup for olive oil, 🇮🇹raised €850k from a syndicate of investors.
  • Celery, a food-tech startup, 🇮🇹raised €2.5m from Syrio.
  • Coverzen, an insurtech startup, 🇮🇹raised €500k in an angel round.
  • Bike-room, a bike e-commerce startup, 🇮🇹raised €500k from AliCrowd and other business angels.
  • Angels from IAG, together with Swiss investor AVANTECA Partners, invested €1m in the Spanish biotech Nanoligent.
  • Jojolly, a temporary work platform for the restaurant sector, 🇮🇹raised €350k from AImpact.
  • Zenit Smart Polycrystals, a laser technology startup, 🇮🇹raised €200k from LIFTT.
  • Pixies, a smart-cities startup, raised €180k from CDP Venture Capital, LVenture Group, and Key Capital.
  • Zcube and Health Technology Holding 🇮🇹invested €100k in the €1.2m round raised by Canadian femtech startup Hyivy Health.
  • Baker Hughes invested an undisclosed amount in Nemesys, acquiring 30% of the company.
  • Young Platform, a blockchain exchange, acquired UK-based Arithmos Trading
  • Ecosfera Servizi SpA 🇮🇹acquired 49% of Riatlas, a remote healthcare startup.
Innovation made in Italy
  • A spin-off of the University of Pisa 🇮🇹 announced Electro Spider, a bio-printer that can recreate human organs and tissues. They expect to commercialize it by end of 2022.
  • Zero, a vertical farming startup, teamed up with Iseo Idro, a sustainable energy company, to create the 🇮🇹Future Farming District, a €100m project to create a commercially viable vertical farming project.
Interviews & other readings
2021: the year of side-projects
  • According to an 🇮🇹analysis by Registro .it, in 2021 there were more than 550k new “.it” domains registered. March 2021 was the month with the peak of registrations (+60k).
The “Acceptable by Italians” index
Looks legit.
Armand Domalewski
The “Acceptable To Italians Index” is my new favorite set of metrics
Recent job positions from XJobs
About XJobs:
  • The XJobs platform is a free portal listing open job positions from the Italian startup ecosystem, managed by CDP Venture Capital. If you desire, you can apply for free and have your job positions posted on the platform by following this link.
Ending Notes
Join the conversation between Giacomo Mollo and myself commenting on the latest news, every Monday at 6:30 pm CET (follow us on Twitter for a live reminder and the link: Nico / Jack). If you miss the live discussion, you can subscribe to our podcast on SpotifyApple Podcast, and other podcast platforms.
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P.S. you’ll also find me at the EY Venture Capital Barometer presentation on Tuesday, 8th, starting at 4 pm. Here is the link to register for the event.
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Niccolò Sanarico

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